Asus RT AC88

Asus Router Login

Asus RT AC88 is a dual-band featured with the latest technology for an unmatched wireless streaming.  Asus RT consists of Asus green technology by which you can save your power by 70%. Asus RT AC88 is the first home router which has eight gigabit LAN ports with support for dual WAN and port combination. (I.e. two of the LAN ports will be combined into a single superfast connection).  

The following blog will help you in setting up your Asus RT AC88 including physical connection and wireless setup. Because sometimes it is asked by some of the users that how do they set up Asus RT AC88? And also how will they log into Asus RT AC88?

Let us follow the steps given below to setup Asus RT AC88 and log into Asus RT AC88:

But first, you need to know the environmental conditions or some of the basic points you need to know before the setup and login process.  

  • Place your Asus router in a centralized area.
  • Always keep your router away from sunlight and metal obstructions.
  • You should always update to the latest firmware

Now for the setup and login process, follow the steps given below:

  • Connect the 3 cables you have with your Asus router as mentioned in the user manual.
  • When the router is switched on. Open any web interface and then the Asus setup page will automatically pop up. In case it does not pop up then enter the default in the address bar.
  • You will be directed to the username and password field, enter the default username and password which is ‘admin’ for both and press enter.
  • The initial setup page of your Asus router will appear. Now press ‘Go’ button.
  • Now fill the username and password of your router administrator. Here you can change the default username and password of your router Asus, which will be used to connect to the administrator page of your router.
  • Now the router will detect the internet connection type.
  • The wireless setting tab will appear on your screen, fill the network name and password, and then click ‘apply’ button.
  • You will be able to see the configuration summary which will show you the new settings. Then click on ‘next’ button.

For the login process of Asus RT AC88

  • After the configuration summary, the login page will appear. Fill the details which are asked i.e. the username and password which is ‘admin’ for both and click on ‘ok’ button.
  • You will see the setting page of your Asus router.
  • You can click on ‘logout’ button and press ‘ok’ to confirm the log out.

However, from the above blog, you will be able to setup Asus RT AC88 and easily log in to your Asus RT AC88. In case, you face any problem you can contact us on our toll-free number.  

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